Meet Dr. Fred

Meet Dr. Fred A Schofield

Dr. Fred


Dr. Fred was born in Cape Town, South Africa.  He uses Uniqueness, Excitement and Intensity to make himself “One of a Kind.”  He served in the South African Military and while playing professional rugby in Italy he developed low back pain.

He tried everything but nothing helped.  A friend said “Why not give Chiropractic a try?”

So, he went to get an adjustment and the rest is History.

”My father was a medical doctor so Chiropractic was the last straw for me.  After nine years of back pain and neck stiffness, you kind of give up. "Well Chiropractic worked for me!”-Dr Fred Schofield 

Dr. Fred is married to Susan (pharmacist) and they have three wonderful children.  Susan does the Computerized Nutritional Analysis, helping our patients with all kinds of conditions using natural herbs.  Our Schofield Functional Analysis is one of the most advanced in health-care.  We are excited to welcome you into taking care of your health.  We know how skeptical you can be, In fact the more skeptical you are the better, because you challenge us.



You have nothing to lose. We will be expecting you!!!

Dr. Fred takes care of professional golfers and all kinds of weekend warriors. He adjusts babies to 100 years old and everybody in between.