Our Experience With Dr Fred


Melissa Panzer

We are on our third generation with Dr. Fred. He has kept our family healthy and sound for 25 years. The thought of doing our health(mentally and physically) any other way is absolutely beyond any concept. Thanks Dr. Fred



Celie Schoustra

17 years ago after a severe car accident, we met Dr Fred and he changed the lives of everyone in my family. Not only did chiropractic become a huge part of our lives, but we changed the way we approach health care. We learned that we as individuals are first and foremost responsible for our own health. Today my children are the greatest advocates of chiropractic. They eat right, exercise right, get adjusted regularly and are excited about life. Dr. Fred, you are amazing. Thank you from all of us Schoustras.



The Truitts

I started Atlas 3 or 4 years ago due to spasms from my neck. I have not had any since I started with Dr. Fred.  My Husband and daughter also see Dr. Fred and are much better because of it.